Working with Logs

Charon creates a log files with various messages that may be useful for troubleshooting and debugging.

Unity Plugin

Log files are saved to <project-directory>/Library/Charon/Logs/.

CLI and Standalone

Log files are saved to ``<charon-directory>/logs/`.

Note: Make sure to replace <project-directory> and <charon-directory> with the actual directories on your system.

Logging Levels

Normally only the most important events are logged. If you have trouble identifying an issue, you might want to change log to verbose. This way more information is included in logs.

Unity Plugin

In menu select Tools Charon Troubleshooting Verbose Logs.

CLI and Standalone

Launch with --verbose parameter.

Then repeat the action that causes the bug (or the one you want analyzed anyway) and check log file again.

CLI Example:

Charon.exe SERVER START ./gamedata.json --port 8080 --launchDefaultBrowser --verbose