Migrating to Web Application

To migrate to the web application, you can do it through a backup <../web/migrating_to_web> or through the “Connection” mechanism.

In short: you need to create an empty project in the web application, click Connect in Unity’s Inspector window, and specify that you want to upload data to the web application.

Migration with Connection

Be sure to back up your local data before making any connections.

  1. In the Web Application: on the Home screen, click on Create Project

  2. Specify the project name, tags, and script language

  3. Click the Create button

  4. In the Unity Editor: select your game data file in the Project window

  5. In the Inspector window, click Connect

  6. In the dialog that opens, click on the Profile → API Keys link

  7. In the Web Application: a page of your profile on the API Keys management page should have opened in your browser

  8. Click Create API Key… button

  9. Fill in the name and expiration time, then click the Create button

  10. Click the Copy button in the list of keys next to the newly created key labeled “New!”

  11. In the Unity Editor: paste the API Key into the corresponding field in the window

  12. Check the Upload local data… checkbox, it is only available when the selected Project is empty and does not contain any data.

  13. Click the Upload button”

  14. Done

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