Game Data

The static information for the game, such as items, quests, dialogues, etc., is stored as game data. Schemas are also included to organize and structure game data.


A schema is a description of the structure for documents in game data. It defines the properties and structure of each document in the game data.

Schema Property

A part of a schema that defines a specific property or attribute of a document in the game data.


A property data type in a schema for a C# expression that can be executed at runtime to calculate a value for a field.


A property data type in a schema for a pointer to another document.


A specific instance of a schema in the game data. It represents a single item or entity in the game, such as an item, quest, or dialogue.


A named part of a document that holds a specific value.

Source Code

The code generated by Charon that represents the game data. This code can be used to load the game data at runtime.


All the schemas and relations between them. This data is used by Charon to generate the source code for the game data.


In the web application, the workspace is the place where users can manage their projects and subscription.


In the web application, a project is a container for organizing related game data. It can contain multiple branches.


In the web application, a branch is a specific variant of game data within a project. It can be used to manage different versions or stages of the game data.


A unique identifier generated for a user in the User’s Profile “API Keys” section, which can be used to access the REST API and CLI for various operations. It allows for automation of game build processes, such as pushing game data to local GIT repositories.


The process of exporting game data in a format that can be loaded into the game.