List Translation Languages

Get a list of supported translation languages. Primary language always shows up first in the list.


# local game data (windows)
Charon.exe DATA I18N LANGUAGES --dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json" --output out --outputFormat table

# remote game data
Charon.exe DATA I18N LANGUAGES --dataBase "" --output out --outputFormat table --credentials "<API-Key>"



Absolute or relative path to game data. Use quotation marks if your path contains spaces.

# local file
--dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json"

# remote server
--dataBase ""

The API key used to access remote server in case of –dataBase being URL.


Path to language list file. If the file exists, it will be overwritten. The directory must already exist. Alternatively, you can output to Standard Error, Standard Output, /dev/null, or a URL.

# standart output (default)
--output out
--output con

# standart error
--output err

# null device
--output null

# absolute path (windows)
--output "c:\my app\input.json"

# absolute path (unix)
--output /user/data/input.json

# relative path (universal)
--output "./input.json"

# remote location (HTTP)
--output ""

# remote location with authentication (FTP)
--output ""

Format of exported data.

# JSON (default)
--outputFormat json

# Space separated list
--outputFormat list

# New line (OS specific) separated list
--outputFormat table

Additional options for specified format.

This command supports universal parameters.